Gain basic exposure to Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Take notes over the following two-part article discussing the most commonly used adjustment layers in Photoshop. The Notes will be turned in for a grade and can be used later for a test.

Part 1
Part 2

Follow along with this tutorial and complete ALL of the adjustments.

Use any picture/pictures of your choosing to complete the assignment. Some images work better with different adjustments.

Turn In:
Submit your notes over the first two-part article to the instructor by the end of the day.

You will turn in 16 sets of images for this one assignment (ALL in ONE post). Each new adjustment should have both a before and after image for a total of 32 total images.

Post the images in pairs so that I can see the differences side by side.
UNDERSTAND: Each adjustment is independent of the next. DO NOT combine any adjustments for this assignment.

Use multiple images off the internet as needed for this assignment. This is to increase your understanding of the adjustment layers and what they can be used for. It is highly unlikely that one image is going to work for each action.

For this grade SOURCE IMAGES are worth 50 points!

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