Work with a partner to create an animated short.

You must learn to divide work by your strengths, problem solve, and manage your time wisely.
Focus on your principles of animation. Keep the models simple so you can animate accordingly.
Use any tutorials necessary to get the animation that you want.
Create a project folder in the Animation folder of the Q: drive in order to share your files. BE CAREFUL! If a file is deleted, it is not recoverable.

Turn In:
Textures & Lighting
Complete fully rendered animation composited in AE is DUE Friday, May 19.

Whatever you do, DO NOT press the Red button

Gene & Ben
Gabriel & Noah
David & Nathan
Cole & Carson
Josh & Erin
Braeden & Madison
Dylan & Dillon

Rachel & Chance
Ben & Nathan
Connor & Garrett
James & Julian
Raven & Gabriel
Victoria & Katie M.
Katie L. & John
Jaime & Ash

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