Construct a vacation advertisement for a specific locale by applying previously gained knowledge.

Review the Rules of Typography. Make sure to apply these to your Ad.

  1. Find an image from the internet that you can CROP using the RULES OF THIRDS.
  2. Review other Advertisements for the same or similar locations to get text ideas. This is called REFERENCING.
  3. Crop the image and create informative text in the available blank space according to the rules of thirds. Use of BRUSHES and/or EMBELLISHED TEXT is REQUIRED.

Turn In:
Post daily updates to your blog and submit the completed .PSD file to the proper folder in the ExamDrop. Use the RUBRIC below to make sure that your image meets all requirements.

Source Images: 20 pts
Cropped correctly: 20 pts
Text/Brush Effect: 30 pts
Proper Typography: 20 pts
Appeal/Realness: 10 pts


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