Add a simplistic environment and textures to your scene as well as cameras, rename, view through them and batch render from them.

Work on enhancing and tweaking your ball bounce scene by adding an environment and change of direction to your ball. Do the following in order to show proficiency in working with cameras.

  1. Create>Camera/Camera with Aim/Camera with Aim & Up (Choose One)
  2. Rename the camera to identify its position (Ex: Front_BirdsEye).
  3. Select the camera, click on double-pain view from the viewport presets. Go to the Panels menu inside that view and choose “Look through Selected”. This will show you what the camera will record.
  4. With the camera selected go to the attribute editor. Change the following properties:
    • Film Back>Fit Resolution Gate: Overscan
    • Output Settings>Renderable

Do this at least 3 more times for dynamic shots of your ball bounce video.

Turn In:
Batch render from each camera labeling the render to correspond with the camera name. Composite all of the rendered cameras in After Effects and submit your rendered .avi files to the ExamDrop. Compress your video to a .mp4 and upload it to your blog. Discuss what you did and the design decisions you made with your environment and cameras.