Work with a team to collaborate, plan, and build a simple video game using the Unity3D engine.

The class will be divided into three teams based on the concepts needs and class skill set.

Team leads will work on creating an Inception Doc, flowchart of gameplay, and artists will begin researching the art style.
Develop team communication servers and setup up task management system for contributors.
Begin to populate the project backlog and assign team roles.

Turn In:
Submit inception document and flowchart to teacher through a google share folder along with a link to the team Slack/Discord server and Trello board.

Learn the fundamentals of programming with the C# language and tackle a handful of challenges along the way.

Work through this course on Code School to gain a see how much you have learned in the C# programming language.

Turn In:
When you have finished. Upload your code to the shared folder. WE will discuss in class the possibility of capturing your screen as well.

Demonstrate the ability to review and summarize contemporary video games;examining intent, form, and functionality. Reconstruct the rules of contemporary games, in order to improve the game play experience. Critique contemporary video games; providing adequate arguments and justification.

On your blog, post at least five core game (i.e. product) ideas to be considered for your final Capstone Project. These do not need to be very detailed ideas, just a few sentences to capture the main game concept. Later, one of these ideas will be developed and delivered as your final Capstone Project submission.

Contemporary Game Assignment

  1. Download a game similar to one of your concepts onto any game play device.
  2. Play the game long enough to understand the directions and the overall objective(s) of the game.
  3. Produce a Game Modification Task Sheet document by identifying the following:
    • What platform is used to play the game?
    • What is the objective of the game?
    • What three things do you like about the game?
    • What three things did you not like about the game?
    • List three reasons why you think this game is popular and successful.
  4. Based on your own observations, create a written plan for modifying the game. This document will serve as your Game Treatment.
    Your plan should include the following:
    • Re-write the main goal of the game.
    • Describe how you would improve the game. Be as specific as possible!
    • List three reasons why your ideas may not have been implemented by the original designers.
    • List three reasons why you think players would like your changes.
    • List three reasons why these changes would be difficult to implement.

Turn In:
Complete the Blog Entry list of game concepts to your blog and be prepared to discuss your ideas.

The Contemporary Game Assignment is due by Friday, February 23. All of it will be submitted to your blog. Be ready to discuss in class on Friday.

Create an original video review of a video game that you have never played before.

You have been given the greenlight to create a review over one of the many video games that are currently out on the market.

As an individual or as a group of two, you will create a video review over your chosen game. (All game choices must be approved by the instructor.)

This document will walk you through the proper steps of planning and creating your review.

Turn In:
You will submit the game choice to instructor by the end of the first week of the current six weeks and the completed review will be uploaded and presented on the last Tuesday of the current six weeks.

Discover new tools and techniques to improve productivity in Maya

Use the following course to discover new tools and techniques that will help you work more efficiently in Maya.

Turn In:
Post daily updates to your blog with screenshots of what you are working on.

Demonstrate the ability to portray character emotion. I want to see efficient and practical use of deformers, dynamic camera shots as well as clear and smooth animation.

Create a simplistic disembodied character. Choose three – four different emotions and create short animation cycles to demonstrate/portray those emotions only using character facial expressions or deformers.

Turn In:
Make sure to update your blog at least three times per week. Final rendered and composited video file should be uploaded to your blog by 3:50 on Thursday, February 22.

Add a simplistic environment and textures to your scene as well as cameras, rename, view through them and batch render from them.

Work on enhancing and tweaking your ball bounce scene by adding an environment and change of direction to your ball. Do the following in order to show proficiency in working with cameras.

  1. Create>Camera/Camera with Aim/Camera with Aim & Up (Choose One)
  2. Rename the camera to identify its position (Ex: Front_BirdsEye).
  3. Select the camera, click on double-pain view from the viewport presets. Go to the Panels menu inside that view and choose “Look through Selected”. This will show you what the camera will record.
  4. With the camera selected go to the attribute editor. Change the following properties:
    • Film Back>Fit Resolution Gate: Overscan
    • Output Settings>Renderable

Do this at least 3 more times for dynamic shots of your ball bounce video.

Turn In:
Batch render from each camera labeling the render to correspond with the camera name. Composite all of the rendered cameras in After Effects and submit your rendered .avi files to the ExamDrop. Compress your video to a .mp4 and upload it to your blog. Discuss what you did and the design decisions you made with your environment and cameras.

Produce an animated short (30 second MAX). I want to see efficient and practical use of deformers, dynamic camera shots as well as clear and smooth animation.

To be given by instructor at the beginning of class.

Storyboards are to be submitted by the end of 6th period on Monday.


Turn In:
Make sure to update your blog at least three times this week. Final rendered and composited video file should be uploaded to everyone’s blog by 3:50 on Thursday, February 08.

Differentiate between a game review and a critical analysis of a game. Gather, generate, and evaluate relevant information through effective research.

Contemporary Game Assignment

  1. Read through the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics (MDA) framework and familiarize yourself with the fundamental idea behind the concept.
  2. Select one of the games found at: https://unity3d.com/showcase/gallery/games. Play on your own, if the mechanics allow it. If the game only supports multiplayer modes, play with one or more of your peers. Play as a designer, paying attention to the mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics as described in the previously read framework. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it prior to performing this step.
  3. Reflect on your play experience.
    • What were the game’s apparent design goals? Did it succeed at those goals? Why or why not?
    • What were the mechanics? What was the play experience? What is the relationship between the two? Did you find any strategies that were exploitable? Did the game seem well-balanced?
    • What kinds of interesting decisions (and uninteresting ones) were you making throughout the game? What do you feel was the competitive differential of the game?
  4. Write your analysis of the game within a new Game Modification Task Sheet. Include the following information:
    • Name of the game and its publisher (this will help get you in the habit of giving credit where due. It will also ensure everyone references the same game).
    • Describe the core mechanics of the game. You do not have to reproduce the rules, but you should describe the basic play of the game and the main decisions players are making. Assume your audience has never played the game before!
    • Include the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics (MDA) of the game, showing how they emerge from the mechanics (if you are not sure, provide a guess).
    • State the game’s design goals. Indicate what the designer was trying to do! Then, indicate whether you feel the game met those goals, explaining why or why not.
    • Note anything else you can about the game (such as a particular issue with game balance or a unique use of game components).
    • Lastly, if you were the designer, what would you change about the game (if anything)? Make specific recommendations for your suggested changes. For example, do not just say “I would make the game more interactive between players” or “I would fix the problem that I identified earlier” — say how you would fix things. What rules would change and what would they change to? Would you change any game objects or values?
    • Remember, your audience is made up of other game designers. Write your analysis so that other designers can learn from the mistakes and successes of the game you chose. Your goal is to educate and inform them about the game you selected. Another goal is to discover new lessons about what makes games work or not work. These goals are more important than a review score!

Turn In:
Make sure to have research to back up your analysis. DO NOT rush through this process. The Contemporary Game Assignment is due by Thursday, February 08. All of it will be submitted to your blog. Also, convert to a google doc share it with me.

Finally, Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Explain your response.
“Not only do we tend to think about the world according to what we want to see and what we need to see, we tend to think in terms of what we expect to see.”