Use your ORIGINAL studio logo design from your last assignment to create a custom business card and letterhead with your NAME and studio information on it.

Use the principles of design (C.R.A.P.) along with the supplied documents to layout and construct your custom business card and letterhead.

Use this InDesign tutorial as well as the following information as a guide to follow while creating your business card & letterhead.
Q:\\OuallineJ\Graphic Design\Illustrator Lessons\BusinessCard\BusinessCard.docx

The following must be included on your business card:
• Original Logo
• Name
• Position (CEO, Lead Designer, Owner, etc.)
• Address
• Phone Number
• Email Address

Use google to search different styles of Letterheads. Find a style that suits your needs.

The following must be included on your letterhead.
• Company Logo
• Company Name
• Company Address
• Company Phone Number
• Company Web Address
• Header & Footer (Incorporate either a line or color in the letterhead)

Turn In:
PRINT out your business cards on the supplied template (Q:\\OuallineJ\Graphic Design\Illustrator Lessons\BusinessCard\BC_print_layout.ait). Staple one of them to your printed letterhead and turn both in to instructor. Also, submit both files to the ExamDrop and post images of each to your blog. Discuss the choices you made and explain your decisions. All is DUE by Thursday, November 19.