Create a composition following a tutorial. This composition will rely on the knowledge of layers, blending modes, selections, and adjustment layers.

Follow along with this TUTORIAL in order to create a surreal composition. USE these linked images at the top of the tutorial(remember to color adjust your image.)

Turn In:
Post daily update snips to your blog. The final image and all source images need to be uploaded to your blog in one final post. The completed .PSD file should be submitted to the ExamDrop. Discuss the techniques and what you found to be the most difficult process.

• Depth apparent: 20
• Selections: 30
• Color Match: 30
• Appeal: 10
• Source Images: 10


Learn to crop effectively

Rule of Thirds: Read THIS and complete the following.
Crop Tool: Follow this tutorial and modify the crooked image below.

  1. Choose a crooked image from the internet or use the one below. (Copy/Paste)
  2. Make the boy on the beach picture below follow the rule of thirds. (Copy/Paste)


Turn In:
Post both the fixed photo and the original to your blog. Describe what you did to fix the original image.