Discover and apply more effects and techniques in Photoshop to create a vintage style poster.

Use this tutorial to create a custom style vintage poster using original images.

  • Use an image of YOUR body
  • Use an animal head of your choice
  • Place your name in the text instead of PSD.

Vintage Poster

Post daily progress updates to your blog. All source images and Final Composition should be posted to your blog when finished. Submit a completed PSD file to the appropriate folder in the class ExamDrop.

Learn to make the hard selections easier.

Choose a plain background to show your work. NOT BLACK OR WHITE (Try red or blue).

Option 01: Work along with this video

Option 02: Work along with this video. A bit more complex (takes advantage of alpha channels).

**You can find images of your own to work with or use the same as the videos.**

Turn In:
Post all source images and final composition to your blog when done. Discuss the techniques you used and what difficulties you came across.

Learn to use different effects, blending modes, and other tools to combine multiple picture to create a unique piece of art.


  1. Combining Vectors & Photos – Q:\\OuallineJ\Graphic Design\Photoshop Lessons\(3) Silhouettes\(3)Combining Vectors with Photographs
  2. Compositing with SilhouettesOnline Tutorial
  3. Shadow Dancer – Q:\\OuallineJ\Graphic Design\Photoshop Lessons\(3) Silhouettes\(1)Shadow Dancing
  4. Inner You – Q:\\OuallineJ\Graphic Design\Photoshop Lessons\(3) Silhouettes\(2)The Inner You *MAJOR GRADE*

Turn In:
Post snapshots of your progress to your blog on a daily basis. After you finish each assignment, make sure to save the file as a .PSD and submit it to the proper folder in the ExamDrop. File name should be lastname_assignmentname.psd. Post the finished .png to your blog and discuss the techniques and steps used in the assignment.