Practice your KERNING and LEADING by creating an attractive arrangement of one of the following quotes.

Chose one of the quotes below and type each word INDIVIDUALLY. This will place each word on it’s own layer so you can move it around your artboard.

  • The past does not define you, the present does. ~Jillian Anderson
  • Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. ~Muhammad Ali
  • Think big, believe big, act big, and the results will be big. ~Unknown
  • Strive for progress not perfection. ~Unknown
  • It’s your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude. ~Dr. Muns
  • The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~Napoleon Hill
  • I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ~Thomas Edison

ONLY BLACK TEXT on a white background.

Turn In:
Export your final image as a PNG and post it to your blog. Tell me why you chose to emphasize the words that you did.


Use typography with simple images to create an exciting Halloween invitation.

Use your knowledge and skills to layout and create an APPEALING poster for your party. Create a 13″ x 19″ canvas to begin with.

**Required Information**

  • Halloween or Zombie Party
  • Time
  • Day
  • Location (Complete Address – can be fake)

**Use your Halloween pre-created text.**

Choose one of the options below or come up with your own.

  • Costume Party – Prizes for best costume
  • Zombie Pot Luck – Bring a scary dish to share
  • Haunted House/Mansion

Below are tutorials to help create some simple graphics.

You can also use the vector pack located in the Q: drive if necessary.

Turn In:
Submit the AI or PSD file to the appropriate folder in the class ExamDrop and post a PNG file to your blog. Discuss the layout, type, and graphic choices you made and what techniques you used to achieve your final piece.

Learn more ways to manipulate text.

Choose ONE of the following tutorials.
Spooky | Zombie | Grimy | Spooky 2 | Halloween

Use the font BALDUR for Spooky or IMPACT for Zombie or Grimy.

**NOTE** Use one of the following words.
You will use this for a POSTER design later.

TRICK – or – Treat

Turn In:
Once finished, submit your completed AI into the ExamDrop and export a PNG to post to your blog. Discuss any new techniques learned and what you enjoyed most about the assignment.

Discover how to apply cool effects in order to create unique Typography.

Use one of these tutorials to gain a more grounded understanding of the endless opportunities available with Type Effects. (Use your name to complete the tutorial!)

Iron Text Effect
3D Glowing Retro Text Effect

Turn In:
Post daily progress to your blog. Post the completed .PNG to your blog and submit the .PSD file to the correct folder in the ExamDrop.

Identify the different selection tools in Photoshop. Gain skills in the use of the selection tools and gain a solid understanding of when and why to use the different tools.

Work through all of the selection tutorials in order to gain a solid understanding of each tool. Make sure to follow the order below.

Turn In:
As you work through the tutorials, make sure to use the snip tool to capture screen images of your artboard and layers panel to post to your blog. Describe the process and uses of each selection tool with the correlating image. All images and descriptions can be in one long blog post or separated into individual posts.

This is an introduction to applying effects to text.

Use the following tutorial to gain an understanding of how to apply different effects to text.
Use YOUR NAME (first only) in place of the word in the tutorial.

**Do not download the font** Use a similar one that is already installed instead.

Turn In:
Drop the AI file into the ExamDrop. Export your final image as a PNG and post to your blog and discuss what tools were used and what struggles you had to overcome to achieve the finished piece.

We will discuss the use and effectiveness of Typography and define the necessary terminology on Wednesday when I return.

Students will take notes during teacher led PRESENTATION.
Typography Lecture Notes

Before the lecture on Wednesday, complete the following worksheet. It can also be found on the LocalPublic CollegeStation drive.

  • Q:\OuallineJ\GraphicDesign&Illustration\Typography\(2) Typography in Illustrator_ Basic Type lesson

Turn In:
Before the lecture on Wednesday, look over the linked presentation and formulate any questions for during the lecture. Next work through the linked tutorial in Illustrator, export as a PNG and post it to your blog when finished. After the lecture, you will upload your notes to your blog and write out a summary of what was learned. These will need to be two separate posts.

Expand your skills with gradient meshes and blends.

Use this tutorial to create several floating lily pads with flowers.

Turn In:
When finished, make sure to save as both an .ai and a .png file. Place your .ai file in the correlating folder in the ExamDrop. Post your .png file to your blog and discuss the tools used in the project and what you thought about the project as a whole.

Deepen knowledge and skills within Adobe Illustrator

Use this tutorial to learn about gradients and blending mode effects in order to create a glowing jelly fish. You will also learn how to create new brushes and use the Scatter brush tool.

Turn In:
When you finish, make sure to save both an .ai and .png file. You will submit your .ai file into the ExamDrop folder and post the .png file to your blog. Discuss both your favorite and least favorite parts of the project and explain why.

Reaffirm previous knowledge of basic shape tools and learn other modification techniques with the Pathfinder panel.

Use this tutorial to create a “Not so scary” Yeti. The look must be the same, but feel free to play with the colors.

Turn in:
Save the finished design in your illustrator folder as both an .AI and a .PNG file. Submit the .ai file to the ExamDrop and the .png file needs to be posted to your blog. Describe the techniques that you used. What was your favorite part of the tutorial? What did you struggle with most and how did you overcome it?

Assignment DUE By Wednesday, September 14.